One of the main goals of the BTT TENNIS ACADEMY is to provide tennis players with the opportunity to improve their game and become professional tennis players without putting their academic future in jeopardy.
That is the reason why BTT TENNIS ACADEMY, in collaboration with Agora Sant Cugat International School, offers a comprehensive, flexible programme aimed at young tennis players who have started on their journey to become professional players and who do not wish to give up on the idea of going to university.
This programme combines technical and tactical training and a high level of physical exercise, together with an educational curriculum that suits the individual needs of each athlete, taking into account both their training timetables and their competition schedules.
At Agora Sant Cugat International School players are prepared to achieve excellence in their human and intellectual development, by means of flexible structures, and fostering the players’ natural abilities and gifts, teaching them how to use them for their own and common good.
Classes take place 4 hours a day and are given by qualified teachers. Our students receive individualized guidance and counselling within a flexible curriculum that suits their every need, no matter the nationality, age or level of studies of the player.
Through this partnership, BTT TENNIS ACADEMY and Agora Sant Cugat International School promise to contribute to the training of young athletes who are seeking a high performance sports programme that will also allow them to continue with their academic studies; a tailor-made programme with one common goal: strengthen their natural abilities, their gifts; basically everything that makes them unique and special.