BTT TENNNIS ACADEMY has set up a structure that is able to control all the factors that directly influence the development of a high performance sportsman/woman, allowing our student-players to concentrate all 100% of their efforts on the task of improving every aspect of their game. In BTT TENNNIS ACADEMY we take special interest in making sure that our players reach the highest competitive level. Proof of this is the trust that international prestigious players have placed in BTT over many years, famous players such as Albert Costa, Feliciano Lopez, Tommy Robredo, Fernando Verdasco, Fernando Vicente, Galo Blanco, Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, and Teimuraz Gabashvili and Joao Sousa. The main services that BTT TENNNIS ACADEMY offers are as follows:

1- Coaching

Each student-player is integrated into a group which works under the supervision of a coach who in turn is supervised by the Academy Directors. The coaching service includes the implementation, supervision and practice of a working program created specifically for each student-player. The group coach is also responsible for planning a calendar of tournaments that best suits each student-player according to his/her characteristics and level of play. At the same time, the coach actively follows the progress of each student-player, accompanying and personally supervising them in the tournaments in which they compete.

2- Fitness

The well-known team of professionals from BTT TENNNIS ACADEMY, directed by David Rodríguez, is highly specialized in the physical preparation of our student-players and focuses on achieving their highest possible performance. The fitness programs are designed to be able to adapt themselves to the physical characteristics of each student-player as well as to the specific time of the playing season, adapting the work load and sessions according to the needs of each moment. In the event of an injury, the fitness team is responsible for the coordination with physiotherapists and doctors. This procedure ensures the correct recovery of the player and helps the communication between all parties concerned with his/her recovery. At the same time, and in agreement with the medical services, a preventive injury program is defined for each student-player taking their age and level into account at all times. Our team of fitness coaches is always in permanent contact with our tennis coaches in order to define a work program best suited to each student-player and in this way coordinate their technical-physical work with a view to optimizing each and every training session.

3- Psychology

BTT TENNNIS ACADEMY provides a sports psychology department for all its student-players. Upon entry into the academy, new student-players are met by a professional team who conduct a personal interview with them and open a file with their initial profile. Afterwards, upon request either from the coaches’ team or the players and/or parents themselves, new interviews are held with a view to improve those psychological aspects that can influence the player ´s performance.

4- Medical Services

In the last few years, Barcelona has not only come to the forefront of modern tennis because of the large number of professional players who play and train on a daily basis in one or other of the city’s academies, but also because of the highly qualified Medical Services specialized in the prevention and the treatment of tennis injuries. Proof of this is the fact that not only almost all Spanish professional players but also many foreign players also choose Barcelona as a center for injury prevention and medical rehabilitation work. The student-players in BTT have the best possible medical services available in Barcelona thanks to an agreement between our academy and the medical team of Doctor Angel Ruiz Cotorro, a prestigious and internationally recognized figure working and looking after the medical interests of top level tennis players like Rafa Nadal, David Ferrer, Garbiñe Muguruza, Carla Suarez, etc. This agreement guarantees our student-players the best possible way of preventing injuries as well as offering high quality treatment for general physical and health problems than may arise. The Medical Services, in coordination with our fitness team, are responsible for programming and carrying out exercise stress and control testing that all our student-players are obliged to do periodically.

5- Physiotherapy Service

BTT provides a physiotherapy service to all those student-players in the Academy that need or channel requests for it through the Fitness Director. A physiotherapist specialized in treating tennis player needs provides treatment on site and helps to optimize and speed up recovery.

6- Transport

BTT TENNNIS ACADEMY is located 20 minutes from the center of Barcelona and is well communicated by road and by train.
BTT TENNNIS ACADEMY has its own transport service which is used on a daily basis to take players to the Academy for their training sessions

7- Accommodation

BTT accommodation is located in a residential area near the academy. Players stay in a villa surrounded by gardens and outdoor swimming pool. BTT person in charge is responsible for the care of players and to apply BTT off court code of conduct. Breakfast and dinner served daily. Lunch during weekends. Laundry included. Other accommodation options available: Aparthotels, hotels, apartments, etc.

8- Stringing Service

We provide the best and most prestigious racket stringing service in all of Spain. Xavi Segura, provides this service as well as being the official stringer for the Spanish Davis Cup and Fed Cup teams. Their stringing services also extend to prestigious tournaments like Open Godó, as well as to players like Rafael Nadal, J.C. Ferrero, Tommy Robredo, Feliciano Lopez, and many others. The services not only focus on stringing but also cover the balancing and personalization of rackets, as well as play- tests to define the racket that is best suited to the characteristics of each player. Services are provided within the academy itself so that each and every player is guaranteed a personalized service at good value.

9- Administration-Visas

BTT TENNNIS ACADEMY provides administration and secretarial services to all those players who require help with flight reservations, visas, tournament inscriptions, etc.

10- Management Service

Available to those players who wish to use the “Management” service that BTT TENNNIS ACADEMY offers and which provides important advantages such as the granting of wild cards, obtaining sponsors and material/equipment, the organization of exhibitions, etc.

11- Internet Service

Free internet access is available.