BTT Residence accommodation is located in a residential area near the academy. Players stay in a villa surrounded by gardens and outdoor swimming pool. The BTT person in charge is responsible to take care of players and to apply BTT off court code of conduct. Breakfast and dinner served daily. Lunch during weekends. Laundry included. Other accommodation options available.


In the last years Barcelona has come to the forefront of tennis medical services, specialized in the prevention and the treatment of tennis injuries.

Proof of this fact is that not only almost all Spanish tennis professional’s players but also many foreign players, choose Barcelona as a center for injury prevention and medical rehabilitation work.

The students at BTT Tennis Academy have the best possible medical services available in Barcelona thanks to the agreement between our academy and the medical team of Doctor Angel Ruiz Cotorro, a prestigious and internationally recognized figure working and looking after the medical interest of top level tennis players like Rafa Nadal and Garbiñe Muguruza.

This agreement, through MAPFRE insurance company, guarantees our players the best possible way of preventing injuries as well as offering high quality treatment for general physical and health problems than may arise.

The Medical Services, in coordination with our fitness team, are responsible for programming and carrying out exercise stress and control testing that all our students are obliged to do periodically.


One of the main goals of the BTT Tennis Academy is to provide tennis players with the opportunity to improve their game and become professionals without putting their academic future in risk.

This is the reason why BTT Tennis Academy, in collaboration with Agora Sant Cugat International School, offers a comprehensive and flexible program aimed at young tennis players who have started on their journey to become professional players and who do not wish to give up on the idea of going to the university.

The program combines technical, tactical, physical and mental training together with a tailor-made educational syllabus that meets the needs of each player respecting their practice schedule, competition dates or any needs a boarding school programme can offer.

The on-line afternoon programme offers flexibility with 20 hours of classes per week and is a great tool when students need to travel to tournaments.